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11. it is the world cup that binds us
the arab sports mentality
sports - lifestyle
6.25.10 : feature column!

There is a saying Arabs use, a proverb: “My brother and I against my cousin, and my cousin and I against the stranger.” It sounds much better in Arabic, but you get the point. This proverb is significant at this particular moment in time, because as the World Cup is taking place in South Africa, and the United States has secured its advancement to the round of sixteen, thanks to its one-goal win against Algeria Wednesday, I feel I have to explain why I’m not jumping for joy. It’s this Arab...
12. their is two much bad spelling four me too bare
writing - process
4.7.10 : feature column!

Spelling. I have always been good at it. I always scored high on my spelling tests, and I always wondered why it was so difficult for my classmates to do the same. Although I knew I was good at spelling, I had not given this skill much thought, until one day, in eighth grade, my English teacher pulled me aside and told me about the spelling bee. “You should really think about it this year,” she told me. I felt proud that day, because there’s no pat on the back quite as satisfying as when y...
13. the awkward ref
seinfeld presides over his new show
television - criticism
3.4.10 : feature column!

The Winter Olympics came to an end this past Sunday, and NBC decided to wedge a new show in the middle of its closing ceremony broadcast. They filled a half-hour time slot with the premier of the heavily-advertised The Marriage Ref. NBC primetime veteran Jerry Seinfeld is the headliner of this reality TV style show, though he is not the title character. Instead, the marriage ref is someone I’ve never seen or heard of before, a comedian named Tom Papa. The Marriage Ref's humor, like his cloth...
14. e-reader killed the bound book
or so it thinks it did
pop culture - appreciation
2.12.10 : feature column!

Lately, I have been wondering whether e-reading is really as assaulting to my senses as I thought it was when I found out about the Kindle trying to take the place of bound books. What makes this such an important thing to figure out right now for me is the fact that ever since I got an iPod Touch less than two months ago, I have sampled e-reading. In the month and a half of small-scale e-reading, I believe I might be making strides toward entertaining the idea that maybe e-reading is not su...
15. you are so beautiful...
for 30?
pop culture - criticism
2.25.09 : feature column!

Last September, a few months before I turned 30, I was talking with some new friends when one of them, a male, asked me how old I was. I told him I was turning 30 in December. “You’re beautiful for 30,” he replied, emphasizing the word beautiful by drawing it out. Be-you-tiful. I admit that it felt good to hear the word beautiful being directed at me-- with very audible emphasis, no less. Naturally, I did what any woman who gets told she’s beautiful would do… I shrugged one of my sh...
16. china
the black sheep
news - discussion
8.22.08 : feature column!

With Beijing hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, China is a hot topic and has been ever since the votes were in to let it host the Games. I look at what's in the media about this country rich with history and find that in a way, China is to the US what Islam is to the US. It's greatly misunderstood, always made out to be the villain and is constantly under attack. Its good points are rarely (if ever acknowledged), and it is forever having to defend itself against harsh criticism and finger-waggi...
17. genx television
before there was hdtv
television - appreciation

Ask anyone my age (almost 30) what their favorite TV show of all time is, and more than likely they will say it's Friends. If not Friends, then it's Seinfeld. And if it's neither of those, there's a slew of other shows that dominated NBC's Thursday night line-up during my school years that would be labeled a favorite by my fellow GenXers. Truth be told, I never got much into Friends beyond the first season. Seinfeld was a taste I acquired long after this iconic piece of television history was,...
18. a one-sided struggle
east (china) vs. west (hollywood)
film - criticism
4.30.08 : feature column!

Studying journalism in college taught me the sad truth that proximity is what makes a story front-page material... especially in the States. A volcano eruption could've wiped out an entire island in the Pacific, but if no Americans are affected, it's not front-page news. Same with Hollywood. If it's not about Americans, or those of a similar western caliber, it won't make it at the box office. And even if it is about a group of non-western people, they will have a wise character who is of the ...
19. i don't want to disembowel myself...
but hear me out
film - general
3.28.08 : feature column!

In a black and white Japanese film, titled Harakiri, an old man requests an audience at a Samurai house, where a clan of Samurai runs “business” in 17th –century Edo. His sword and short blade are hanging from his belt, and his request is to be granted permission to perform Harakiri, the traditional ceremonial Japanese act of committing suicide by disemboweling oneself with a sword, in that house’s courtyard. His reason for such a request is his unbearable life of poverty after the Samurai hou...
20. they can take away my money
but they'll never take away my freedom!
general - lifestyle

On a recent trip to the mall, I found myself at one of the many independent label women’s clothing stores, and waiting for a fitting room. The fitting room attendant was a bubbly blond waif, perhaps in her early to mid-20s. Her voice traveled through the fitting room area with excitement over how a pair of pants fit a customer. “Those are so cute on you!” she said with what I daresay was very well-faked sincerity. Maybe it’s because I always have someone with me while shopping, or maybe it’s...
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re: illegal immigrant with a pulitzer prize

Bold take on a divisive issue, and not one I've read elsewhere. Bravo, and bless you for understanding the importance of the law - something so many people see as just something to get around.

re: it is the world cup that binds us

I really enjoyed reading your article. I am also an American and part Arabic. My grandfather was senator of Lebanon for 20 years. I think it is sad that so many Americans do not have a clue about such issues that you brought out. I do not want this to come out wrong but most of Americans have forgot what made this country great and are laying in the lap of Delilah.

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

This was so damn good!

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

I love that you wrote this.

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

Awesome and bold.

re: the awkward ref

Interesting take on this mess.

re: you are so beautiful...


re: you are so beautiful...

Great article. Way to encapsulate what we all go through. I never thought it would affect me so much either, but here I am.... Thanks for giving a voice.

re: china

Some things need to be said even if they aren't any fun.

re: a one-sided struggle

One of our great American achievements is screwing up anything have to do with another culture. Didn't you know that?

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