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21. tri, tri again
preparing for a triathlon
sports - process
6.30.10 : feature column!

January: Get this wild idea I’m going to bike 25 miles in less than two hours in a triathlon competition. I’ve been riding a new bike for about eight months, my average speed is 9 mph, I have a bad knee, asthma, and a little more weight than I prefer, but I’m going to do this thing. Not the whole triathlon solo, because I have some frame of sanity, but the bike portion. So, I need to form a team. January-February: Look for a runner and a swimmer. My personal trainer, Barb, offers to be my runn...
22. in pursuit of something real
joining the (real) food revolution
news - discussion
4.28.10 : feature column!

When I was growing up, it was a treat to go to McDonald’s. I remember the first time I dipped a golden, crispy French fry in a chocolate shake (oh yes I did!) and marveled at the fact that I would never be able to do that at the dinner table. McDonald’s was fun! It was even more enjoyable because my family only went to McDonald’s once a month, if that. So it was really an excursion, not a typical Saturday afternoon. Family dinners weren’t elaborate, but we had real food most of the time. My ...
23. portrait of an artist: gayle lynds
spying on the world
writing - process
3.29.10 : feature column!

It’s no secret: award-winning author Gayle Lynds loves a little cloak and dagger. She’s even written novels under a pseudonym (but if we told you the name, we'd have to...well, you know). Millions of readers around the world follow the twists and turns of her female protagonists as they flip over the mossy rocks of international espionage. Lynds is one of few women writing this genre. In fact, when she pitched her first novel, Masquerade, in the early 1990s, one publisher rejected it, saying, ...
24. whimper, not a scream
the year visited
humor - discussion
12.28.09 : feature column!

The bar countertop is dented, sticky, choked with tar and cheap whiskey. Tattered clothes hang below forlorn faces, all reflected in a milky mirror littered with stacked bottles. The air is thick with smoke and desperation while the jukebox plays a slightly warped medley of Michael Jackson "Thriller" tunes. 2010 enters, preppy pastel collar turned up, tortoise-shell sunglasses resting on the back of his neck. He scans the bar, squinting, hands tucked into the front pockets of his Tom Ford jeans...
25. the bad boys of television
and why we love watching them
television - discussion
11.30.09 : feature column!

Periodically, entertainment magazines float out the titillating buoy title, "Bad Boys on Television!" There's a splash pictorial of hunks, usually all under age 25, shirtless, and pouty, or with wry sideways smiles and frisky forelocks loose across their foreheads. 9021-ooohh. The summer of 2009 was no exception. BuddyTV ran a "Which TV Bad Boy is Right for You?" quiz. AOL developed a slideshow featuring everyone from Spike (James Marsters of "Buffy" and "Angel") and Dr. Christian Troy (Julia...
26. portrait of an artist: chad elliott
illustrating an emotional landscape
music - process
10.30.09 : feature column!

Singer/songwriter and artisan Chad Elliott constantly tells stories. They're floated on chords, tucked between songs, and layered on canvas. As his tales unfold, Elliott's unassuming character and approachability create immediate intimacy. He's the guy at the end of the bar you want to talk to at 2:00 a.m while the glasses are stacked and the jukebox fades. On his latest release, Redemption Man, Elliott wields a broad stroke of introspective lyricism, gently coaxing the listener’s heart out o...
27. chef, interrupted
the arc of my culinary quests
general - appreciation
9.30.09 : feature column!

Years ago, in my halcyon radio days, I hosted a program called, “What’s Cookin’”. It was a simple noon hour show that encouraged listeners to call in and guess a recipe title, based on ingredient clues I provided, and win a prize. Occasionally I’d interview advertisers with new products, but mostly my guests were chefs launching new cookbooks or christening restaurants. The show originated in New Orleans, and hundreds of thousands of people along the Gulf Coast listened to it. So there was a s...
28. create the happy
general - discussion
8.31.09 : feature column!

I stepped onto an elevator the other day and recognized a woman who works in my building. We don’t work together, but I see her often enough that it was the polite gesture to say, “Good morning, how are you?” For the next minute and a half, as well as a few moments while I hovered outside the elevator so she could complete her ramble of sentences, I was silent as she delivered the litany of just foul her morning had been. The doors shut, and her negativity hung in the air, thick, black, and oo...
29. ishka
one of the order of the three
writing - process
7.29.09 : feature column!

Ishka popped bath bubbles with a slender finger, much to the delight of her younger cousins. The three of them followed her everywhere, picking up pinecones and plucking delicate blossoms of corydalis, and presenting them to Ishka with a slight curtsy. Then, giggles. It's true that she, as the eldest Novy offspring, commanded a certain respect, and since she was near 13, better the cousins practice reverence now so they would be accustomed to it later. But, tonight, they annoyed her. "Go. You n...
30. operation sunbeam
cassie and marlo listen in
writing - process
6.29.09 : feature column!

"The guys were bragging about bringing showgirls up to their rooms, getting them super drunk, and then trying to score with them right when the bombs went off. Typical Vegas-guy-weekend stuff. They were well into their 70s, though, so it was odd to hear their bravado." Here she goes again. I've noticed lately I don't even need to ask questions she will just tell me anything, anything at all, barely taking a breath, like there's an hourglass only she can see with a ribbon of sand left to drop a...
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re: guns don't kill people....

A flawless piece written in record time. Awesome!

re: god for president 2012

Damn straight.

re: god for president 2012

I vote you to be God's next press secretary. Just sayin'.

re: god for president 2012


re: irrussistible

Just an incredible job capturing what Russ was about. Thank you.

re: irrussistible

Russ is smiling!

re: irrussistible

A beautiful tribute to a wonderful man gone too soon. Thank you so much for writing and sharing with us.

re: irrussistible

Not really sure that a critique here is necessary. Nice job.

re: irrussistible

Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

re: tune out to tune in

Very thought provoking and well argued, but I'm not sure this CNN junkie can break the addiction. I know I -do- feel better when I take a break from current events but can't seem to resist.

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