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21. the cylon election?
all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again?
pop culture - discussion
10.18.10 : feature column!

For the average voter, a mid term election has about as much allure as a mid term exam did in school... in a subject you hated. Even for me, who ran an unprecedented ten piece series leading into the 2008 presidential election here at Intrepid Media, this particular mid term election has the appeal of standing in line at the post office, which I hate. My local branch always has a long slow line no matter when you go. People mailing odd shaped who knows what. Making special requests. Getting i...
22. picking a spouse
three steps to avoiding divorce
writing - lifestyle
9.15.10 : feature column!

I am now five years and a few months married. And I was pretty deliberate about deciding whom I would settle down with. I lived with Amanda for about four years before we got married, which followed a practice of living with every girl I seriously dated, and not counting ladies who never made it to live-in girlfriend status. There were quite a few. I was even more deliberate before writing this piece on marriage, which, incidentally, was something the wife wanted me to write after like two mo...
23. no mosque, no mosque
an open letter to the republican party
news - discussion
8.16.10 : feature column!

To: Republican Party, United States of America From: Jeffrey D. Walker, esq., Intrepid Media’s Chief White house Correspondent Re: Issue selection for the November Mid-Term elections The Mosque Opposition Conundrum Warm Greetings to the Grand Old Party: Before I begin with my main point on the mid-term elections, I just wanted to note that, despite being the “Chief White House Correspondent” for Intrepid Media for almost ten straight years, I still haven’t received a single press pass fo...
24. baby bust
offsetting the cost of little bundles
general - improvement
7.19.10 : feature column!

When I noticed that three out of the seven July feature columns here at I.M. were about impending childbirth, I was at a loss. I’ve yet to experience children of my own. But, I figured I could still offer something probably every new parent can find relevant: making money go farther. With all those blasted child labor laws in effect, a parent hardly has any means to turn their little bundle of joys into a source of income. And, unless Congress votes to at least to extend just the middle-inco...
25. justice, examined
less a code, more plain hunch and hindsight
pop culture - discussion
6.16.10 : feature column!

I've spent about half of my life pondering the American legal system, from civics classes in high school to the law firm I work at today. I've worked for the "People", interning for a District Attorney's office and representing various municipalities in civil contexts, and I've also worked for the "people", doing criminal defense work, workers compensation, forcing a local auto dealer to buy back a "lemon" at full purchase price, and other examples of trying to help the common man caught in a p...
26. it's getting pretty hot here
an interview with tash bennett
news - discussion
5.17.10 : feature column!

Unless you're a firefighter, odds are you'll probably never find yourself aiming a hose at a tree burning dangerously close to an apartment building. And even if you did find yourself in this situation, odds are that you wouldn't be half naked. But that's exactly the situation 27 year-old fitness instructor, Tash Bennett, of Darwin, Australia, found herself in last week. First reported by the Northern Territory News, Bennett was tanning by the pool and listening to her iPod when, according ...
27. the men who stare at boobs
an open letter to ty mcdowell
news - discussion
4.14.10 : feature column!

Dear Ms. McDowell: First off, forgive me for not sending this letter via traditional methods. Despite my efforts, I was unable to find your contact information. So, I am using the most public forum I have access to in the hopes this message reaches you. Second, forgive me for jumping straight in with a pun, but I have been keeping abreast of the news reports regarding the march that took place on April third, dubbed "Portland's First Ever Female-Bodied and Allied Topless Adventure" by thewest...
28. getting in the van ii
my second tour
music - lifestyle
3.12.10 : feature column!

March 12, 2010: And so it begins, the Rocko Dorsey Spring tour. Last year, when I wrote about going on the Rocko Dorsey Texas run, I was totally psyched. I re-read that column from last year just before starting this one, and couldn't help but laugh. The prophetic moments were: (1) my use of some tense of the word "dream" three times, and (2) the culminating sentence towards the end: "If you see me in the next few days, I'll be the rock star that I always wanted to be." Before that first tou...
29. to torture, or not to torture
it's not even a question that the u.s. should not engage in waterboarding
news - discussion
2.15.10 : feature column!

Waterboarding: if for any reason you just read that word and think it’s something akin to surfing, please close the web browser / book you are reading this from and never ever come back. Ok, not really. I guess you can be in on this, too. But, in case you don't really know what I'm talking about, let me take a moment to direct you to the Wikipedia entry on waterboarding. You'll note that the article mentions that "In January 2009 President Barack Obama banned the use of waterboarding." Mo...
30. the race card: 2010
even if you aren't thinking you're playing it, you might be playing it
pop culture - discussion
1.20.10 : feature column!

In terms of race relations in the United States, some imagined that President Obama's election was proof positive that "change" had indeed come. But a recent Pew Research Center poll indicates that confidence in race relations has been declining. Further, a recent Washington Post / ABC news poll shows that "African Americans' views on achieving racial equality have become more pessimistic" since Obama's inauguration. One need not seek counsel of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Al Sharpton or Jess...
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re: the little red obama

I'm glad someone's paying attention. Obama's biggest problem, I think, is PR.

re: how doing it can help the economy

Even though I'm ambivalent about it.

re: the cylon election?

The column I would have written on the subject. Great capture of the current national mindset... plus Cylons!

re: picking a spouse

absolute truth, and you would know. Thanks for this column!

re: picking a spouse

Brilliant observations, and proof that you have considerable common sense as well (particularly in your choice of wife)

re: no mosque, no mosque

Although I disagree with you, you make the kind of common sense argument I would have made on the other side. If political debate were more like this, we'd be in a lot better shape right now.

re: no mosque, no mosque

I would feel much more charitable towards the G.O.P. if they realized the absurd extent of their hypocrisy.

re: no mosque, no mosque

A little sanity. Thanks.

re: the men who stare at boobs

This. Is. Brilliant.

re: the men who stare at boobs

Funny and provocative. Title is once in a lifetime. Nice work, Jeff.

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