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31. a cup o' kindness? not quite yet.
scold lang syne: a frustrating year
news - discussion
12.9.09 : feature column!

In precisely 40,988 minutes from this writing it will be 2010. I've done the math. And by "done the math," I mean "checked an online countdown clock and took their word for it." In layman's terms, that's 2,459,288 seconds. And for those who can't count that high, I'll round down and say it's already 2010. Yeah, that doesn't help anyone. However, when the date does roll around, I do celebrate New Year's in fashion most typical -- by drinking too much and high-fiving total strangers. ...
32. ten years after
was it all worth it?
writing - career
11.9.09 : feature column!

Thursday at Aspen, it turns out, is gay night. This is what we were told at the bar yesterday evening, as the last vestiges of the happy hour crowd finished up their libations and the bartender began to hang on the walls "artwork" featuring muscular men in skimpy clothing. "Really? It's gay night?" someone asks. Point to picture. "You tell me." Ironically, we were there to celebrate a friend's birthday - two weeks after it - because he'd requested that his coworkers take him somewhere other t...
33. why can't we all just be more chalant?
because emoticons can only go so far. :-(
humor - lifestyle
10.9.09 : feature column!

So a friend of mine who will go really unnamed posted this to her Facebook page this week: Attempting to try out that whole "talking to people when you're upset" thing. So far I've been called weird, young, and stupid. Thanks guys. And what got me was not that her friends are obviously horrible people (or, I suppose, they're just normal, old, and smart), but that she was trying it out. Which leads me to assume she's reached her age (mid 20s, I think) without ever before "talking to people," whe...
34. gym-iny cricket
do i really have to be the conscience of the health club?
sports - lifestyle
9.7.09 : feature column!

Those of you who read my columns religiously (that is, while wearing a yarmulke), and memorize my every word, will likely remember a piece I wrote a few months ago in which I mentioned that I joined a gym and was going to get in stellar shape. It would have worked, too, if it hadn't been for you snooping kids. And the fact that I got downsized and lost the membership I had through work. However ... and it's a big "however" ... I have been gainfully employed for slightly over three months, and...
35. writing fail
five reasons why you should all really appreciate my columns
writing - discussion
8.12.09 : feature column!

As of last week, I'm writing a book. I've shared the first chapter with a couple of people (mostly family and a couple friends who love me for me), and it's been met with excellent reviews. My grandmother had a couple edits. This is not the first time I've been inspired to write something (I have to tell you, it's gonna be semi-autobiographical and in second person! I'm so clever!), however. Obviously, judging by the fact that I'm not exactly a household name - even in my own household, and I l...
36. can't pretend that growing older never hurts
i was just thirty-four years old and i was still wandering in a haze
pop culture - lifestyle
7.10.09 : feature column!

I feel old. Or, rather, I'm starting to feel my age. And it doesn't help that I keep getting reminded of it. Stop whining. No, seriously, I got a call yesterday from a friend with an extra ticket to see Cheap Trick, Poison, and Def Leppard last night. Needless to say, my response was something like, "[expletive deleted] yeah." And the show was excellent. I mean, I own nearly every song that was played (by all three bands), so it was a great time. And a little sad. It took all three of these ...
37. every pitcher sells astoria, don't it?
a mini-guide to bars i can walk to from my apartment
humor - lifestyle
6.10.09 : feature column!

Those of you who know me are probably aware that when I go out, it's usually in Manhattan. This is not because, as many of my friends may believe, my neighborhood has no watering holes, pubs, bars, clubs, speakeasies, dives, cantinas, lounges, etc. In truth, the Ditmars section of Astoria boasts a wide variety of locales at which to purchase a libation. I just don't like most of them. However, in the interest of potentially enticing my nearest and dearest to make the 15-minute subway ride from ...
38. take this job and shovel it
lessons in un-padding a resume
humor - lifestyle
5.11.09 : feature column!

For reasons not particularly germane to this column, I recently found myself updating my resume. I have officially worked in enough jobs in New York City to finally remove the remaining vestiges of my former life in Boston. That's right. Working as an assistant at the Kennedy School of Government (a job that actually resulted in my temporarily losing large patches of hair, I might add) is finally off the bottom of the resume. Which is actually a good thing, since I'm pretty sure the overwhelmin...
39. heaven from hell, blue skies from chrain
or, seder, you with the stars in your eyes
general - lifestyle
4.10.09 : feature column!

Well, spring hasn't exactly sprung, but as of this writing, we're definitely getting the April showers. Never mind that the first actual day of spring -- the equinox -- actually made me yearn for the comparative warmth of witches' teats. However, the temperature has recently been smack in the middle of the confounding 50s most days (do I wear a winter coat? a spring jacket? a light sweater?), so knowing New York weather, it'll only be 3 weeks until the thermometer reaches 10...
40. i don't want to be a little teapot
exercising my demons
sports - lifestyle
3.11.09 : feature column!

I'm told that I have abs. More to the point, I'm told that everyone, assuming they weren't born with some rare condition, has abs. As in abdominal muscles. However, you couldn't prove it by me. I've never seen them. I assume I have them, of course, because I have the physical ability to sit up in bed. But there's no photographic proof, per se: no six pack, none of those lines by a man's hips that women seem to appreciate. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not usually a successful ...
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re: one state, two state, red state, blue state

Bravo. Love to see you write this way.

re: short and sweet

Hilarious and awesome and endearing.

re: constant comment

Nice job!

re: and to think that i heard it on mulberry street

I love N Y too.

re: yo! i got some weight for you to watch

Absolutely one of the best columns you've written. I actually laughed....which I don't do very often. Your sintax and paragraph structure is still a little choppy, but this topic goes well with that.

re: how to lose a girl in one date

Wry, sarcastic and totally dead on.

re: sharp dressed plan

Great job on this column, Adam.

re: behind the times

Very cohesive and timely! Well written. Your tongue-in-cheek is getting much better.

re: wherefore art thou joey jo-jo junior shabadoo?

Love the fun asides and the voice is indelibly YOU.

re: wherefore art thou joey jo-jo junior shabadoo?

so how about "akaliaskraemer"

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