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31. sometimes you want the hero to die
a movie where that was the case
film - criticism

Every good story has a beginning, middle and most important; a relatively satisfying end. The same goes for movies. Stories and movies lacking these three basic things are simply classified as-- something else. Perhaps documentaries or anything non-fiction don't have to follow this format, but that's not what this piece is about. This piece is about movies, the kind that feature a beginning, middle and end, and somewhere in there try to bring to life extraordinary characters, a little more ...
32. ojos de mi padre...
looking good in a sombrero
writing - appreciation

I was getting some clothes together last night to pack for a trip I'm taking. My sister was helping me. I took out a white cotton button-up shirt with quaint details and showed it to her. "This would look great with a sombrero," I told her. "Excellent," she replied. I threw the shirt in the pile of shirts I'd already picked out for my trip. I am going to Mexico, and I plan on coming home with a sombrero along with a better understanding of a lot of things. Mexico for one, Spanish for an...
33. hollywood's love formula
must add new ingredients
film - criticism
7.27.07 : feature column!

I watched Failure to Launch and I knew the entire story at the opening credits. It was How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days with Sarah Jessica Parker instead of Kate Hudson, parents in the picture, and a really strange subplot with an annoying roommate who can't sleep because of the chirpings of a mockingbird. I am tired of being fooled by Hollywood. I'm sick of predictable guy meets girl, guy chases after girl, guy has stupid problems with girl thrown in at the last minute to create just enough c...
34. we're living in a material world
you better get your iphone
pop culture - lifestyle

Since the 80s are back in style, let's just say that we are living in a material world, and gadgets are what's hot. Everybody's wired. They've got their cell phones that can take pictures, record videos, play music and let you check your email. They've got their Ipods, with thousands of songs, videos and a vault of games. They've got their laptops which contain everything, and they don’t hesitate to say “My life is on there.” I own a cell phone, Ipod Nano with two gigs and a laptop. Each of ...
35. the police
they came. they conquered. and they rocked.
music - appreciation

For about half my life I've wished and wished I could find some way to travel back in time and see Sting (aka Gordon Summoner and the Milkman's son), Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers; as The Police. Together again. I always felt like I was gypped out of ever hearing the greatest songs and the greatest band live, because they broke up before I knew their greatness. All I had to comfort me and assure me that I've heard their genius form-- live-- was their two-disc live album... appropriately ca...
36. the rookie and members only guy
a true story
humor - general

When you’re done reading what I’m about to write, you might question the authenticity of the events. I assure you I couldn’t in my wildest dreams fictionalize such mind-blowing stuff. After all, fictionalizing, much like the subject of this account, scares me enough that I wouldn’t venture in its direction so boldly. I AM a print journalism grad, after all. You see, dear reader, I’ve made it clear to many, and it is clear on its own that I am an Arab and Muslim. I presume that some of (I daresa...
37. they wear short shorts
and it's tacky
pop culture - criticism

I find that I use the word "Tacky" in my vocabulary a lot; things look, sound and are generally tacky to my taste. For instance, when people wear jeans to black tie formal events, I label it as tacky. The way some participants act on TV game shows is tacky. When couples dress alike, it's tacky. The way some people handle their dealings in general, is tacky. You get the picture. Tacky being the keyword here; I was looking through a community magazine-- you know, the kind with coupons for loca...
38. it's not the end of the world
and i feel fine
humor - lifestyle

Every once in a while, I feel the urge to camp out in front of the TV and have my own private Sex and the City marathon. I was unable to resist that urge recently, and so, I had my fix of awesomely dressed single women, living the fabulous life in Manhattan and defying people's pitying and arrogant glances for being the S word: Single. I can’t begin to count the ways I am pitied by people for the catastrophe that is being single in this society. Single. I might as well have a brain tumor. ...
39. men & women
apples & oranges
general - lifestyle
5.30.07 : feature column!

One morning some years ago, I was running late for work and almost out of gas. I was driving an older car at the time, which had its occasional quirky and mostly annoying malfunctions; naturally and especially when I was running late. I pulled into the nearest gas station to fill up. I got out of the car in my cute little dress, and while attempting to twist the gas cap off, I noticed that the cap must’ve been cemented, super glued, or twisted closed by Hercules himself. It seemed my entire b...
40. why i write
i now have an answer
writing - appreciation

Whenever people find out that I write, they always ask me the same question: Why do you write? Well, I almost never have the answer they expect. More importantly, I spice it up and wing it each time, just to see the looks on some people's faces. Let's just say, I like to spice things up, because saying "it's the only thing I seem to be good at," is just too boring and I'm not even sure it's really true. I've never had an answer. I just write. I don't have a particular reason. One time I t...
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re: illegal immigrant with a pulitzer prize

Bold take on a divisive issue, and not one I've read elsewhere. Bravo, and bless you for understanding the importance of the law - something so many people see as just something to get around.

re: it is the world cup that binds us

I really enjoyed reading your article. I am also an American and part Arabic. My grandfather was senator of Lebanon for 20 years. I think it is sad that so many Americans do not have a clue about such issues that you brought out. I do not want this to come out wrong but most of Americans have forgot what made this country great and are laying in the lap of Delilah.

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

This was so damn good!

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

I love that you wrote this.

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

Awesome and bold.

re: the awkward ref

Interesting take on this mess.

re: you are so beautiful...


re: you are so beautiful...

Great article. Way to encapsulate what we all go through. I never thought it would affect me so much either, but here I am.... Thanks for giving a voice.

re: china

Some things need to be said even if they aren't any fun.

re: a one-sided struggle

One of our great American achievements is screwing up anything have to do with another culture. Didn't you know that?

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