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41. the horror genre
please stop shoving it down my throat
film - lifestyle

When I was a kid, I used to wonder what I would be like when I grew up. I would spend hours staring at the reflection of my tiny hands suddenly enlarged in my parents’ magnifying mirror and being completely fascinated. More than my tiny hands, I expected to outgrow my shyness, imagining that sharks lived in swimming pools and those scary things I used to see on the streets of New York that would rattle with the sounds of the subway zooming under my feet. I was fascinated by growing up and beco...
42. why there are still diseases without cures
my take
news - criticism

There is a study out there for anything you can think of nowadays. And in any category, it seems. Every other day, I go online and I find the "findings" of some obscure study that proves really strange things I would never think to ask, little else find its "findings" useful in my everyday life. Just a week ago, I read about a Dutch study that very tentatively, and pointlessly concluded that left-handed women die sooner than right-handed women. Of course, they don't just drop dead one day ou...
43. i'm jaded, but i'm human
humanity should always win out
news - criticism

Thousands of people have taken to the streets across the nation this May Day, in a march asking for immigration reform, i.e., to allow those who've entered the US illegally to become citizens. I'm pro-immigration. I believe that this country, in particular, should continue to be a place for people to turn to when the going gets tough back home. As some of you may recall, I wrote a column a few months ago about my difficult journey to become a US citizen. The journey began back in 2004 and I'm...
44. the habit of living
a tough one to kick
general - lifestyle

A surprise spring snow has enveloped my world, and there is a lot of depressing news in the paper. Aside from the usual depressing stuff; A woman lost her job and benefits shortly after being diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Two big newspaper agencies have to cut jobs like crazy. And finally, the way too late realization by a columnist that the media was nothing more than a propaganda machine leading up to the quagmire that is Iraq... Really, way too late to come to that realization. Fli...
45. the double-standard
sometimes it's about offense
news - criticism
4.20.07 : feature column!

A few years ago, I joined a group of friends at a comedy club. The featured comedian talked about the woes of being a husband without a real job, not having medical insurance, a son who lived on mother's milk for way too long, and various other harmless topics that could be classified as funny, or juvenile at worst. He was originally from New York, and since this was shortly after 9/11, he proceeded to talk about how airports handled security measures. He said that only taxi cabs could drive...
46. bullies
can't live with 'em, can't survive later without 'em
news - general

Rutgers women's basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer is going to write a book about her life. I'm not surprised that Stringer is on her way to making her mark in the history books as a legend. Her accomplishments in the realm of women's basketball while dealing with personal hardship earns her legend status, and I wouldn't be surprised if she'd already been in talks about a book before Don Imus ever spouted those three deadly words. But it IS the timing that gets me. What makes her a legend ...
47. clothes are like snowflakes
general - lifestyle

I bought a pair of shoes the other day. I bought them later in the day-- evening to be exact-- when my feet had apparently swelled up enough to almost fill out the shoes when I tried them on in the store. Of course, when you see a pair of shoes you really want and must have and already have a multitude of outfits to go with them, the last thing on your mind is how your feet have fluctuated. Provided that I'm used to shoes having a bit of a gap in the back nowadays, I didn't pay attention to the ...
48. what i liked about this year's oscars
pop culture - general

Each year the Oscars come and go, and I must admit that since Whoopi Goldberg hung down from the ceiling of the Kodak Theater and parodied the Moulin Rouge line "Come and get me boys!", I have not sat down and watched the entire night of awards and jokes. Of course, inevitably, I kept up on the dresses through the many galleries online, but not much else. This year for some inexplicable reason I was drawn to the TV tuned on ABC. I caught the celebrities making their way down the red carpet and...
49. what is wrong with people?
general - lifestyle

What is wrong with people? That is a question I ask internally and externally each day at least once, if not a thousand times. I can’t even begin to express how amazed I am at the amount of ignorant, stupid, offensive, and downright MEAN people there are in this world. These people are everywhere, which leads me to believe that there is a serious problem in how people are brought up and where they get their behavior, etiquette (or lack thereof), ideas and beliefs. Take for instance a recent ...
50. male athletes
real jerks or victims?
sports - discussion

Male athletes have quite the reputation for being smooth with the ladies, and why not? My knees buckle at the mere glimpse of a soccer player at work on the pitch, controlling the ball, scoring that amazing goal with an expert kick originating from strong and muscular legs… Yes, I have a thing for soccer players. In light of the latest developments with the Duke University fiasco, incident, scandal, whatever it is you want to label it, I’m wrestling with a few things that affect college and pr...
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re: illegal immigrant with a pulitzer prize

Bold take on a divisive issue, and not one I've read elsewhere. Bravo, and bless you for understanding the importance of the law - something so many people see as just something to get around.

re: it is the world cup that binds us

I really enjoyed reading your article. I am also an American and part Arabic. My grandfather was senator of Lebanon for 20 years. I think it is sad that so many Americans do not have a clue about such issues that you brought out. I do not want this to come out wrong but most of Americans have forgot what made this country great and are laying in the lap of Delilah.

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

This was so damn good!

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

I love that you wrote this.

re: their is two much bad spelling four me too bare

Awesome and bold.

re: the awkward ref

Interesting take on this mess.

re: you are so beautiful...


re: you are so beautiful...

Great article. Way to encapsulate what we all go through. I never thought it would affect me so much either, but here I am.... Thanks for giving a voice.

re: china

Some things need to be said even if they aren't any fun.

re: a one-sided struggle

One of our great American achievements is screwing up anything have to do with another culture. Didn't you know that?

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