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1. and i don't mean wonder
general - appreciation

I love bread. There, I said it. No, I'm not referring to greenbacks, the Benjamins, et al (although I'm not adverse to that bread either). I'm talking the toast, sandwich, just tear a chunk off the end and nom kind. I love everything about bread. The smell, the texture, the taste...ahh, the taste. Sigh... Sorry, I was having a moment. The aroma that hits you walking in to a bakery when those lovely loaves of goodness are just coming out of the oven is heaven. It reminds me of my grandmo...
2. to hell in a handbasket
general - lifestyle

On any given day my mind whirls trying to keep up with the world around me. Politically, environmentally, humanitarily. Living in my own little microcosm trying to make sense and gain understanding of events, cause and effects, problems and solutions. Democrats vs. Republicans, environmentalists vs. natural resource rapists, bleeding hearts vs. cold hearted bastards, us vs. them. I wonder though, who is "us" and who is "them". Which one am I? I suppose I am both, like all of us are, dependi...
3. a letter to my son
general - appreciation

I caught myself the other day watching you while you were hanging out with your friends and found myself awed by you. Okay, okay, so I eavesdropped a little. I’ll probably always reserve the right to invoke my “mother’s prerogative”. I’m so impressed with your sense of right, and your fearlessness in standing up to your peers. Of course, I’d like to take partial credit for this wonderful character trait, but I give all the credit to you. You’re going to be such an amazing man. You’ve al...
4. old dog...new trick
general - career

Sitting in my tenth story corner office I felt smug. Well, smug may be too strong, but to say I felt accomplished would be fair. My corner office with a great view, and my name engraved in brass on the door. See, hard work does pay off. Being good at what you do does have its rewards. Now I can supervise others the way I often wished I had been. No micro managing. No belittling or comparing. Mentoring people, encouraging them to grow and stretch. Make decisions for themselves. I want ...
5. a textured fabric
simple acknowledgement
general - appreciation

Perhaps it was the way it seemed only she understood the seemingly ill-timed joke you made after answering the math question wrong when the teacher called on you in class that day. Maybe it was the silly inside joke that you long ago forgot the actual origins of, but the fond memories of the joke itself and the giggles that accompanied it linger on with the both of you. It may even be a forged alliance against the ass kissing brown noser at work that is so obvious with his actions and commenta...


re: a textured fabric

Don't take this the wrong way - the subtitle is the best part of your column. Nice, simple, sincere - just like friends should be. A little short, but a nice job. Makes me want to call some friends...

re: a textured fabric

You captured the best points about friendships.

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