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1. time and a song
the soundtrack to your life
music - appreciation
7.9.07 : feature column!

My grandfather once related a story to me about how my uncle was doing some major repairs on his sailboat, and had arranged for a big crew of his friends to come over and help. My grandfather decided to stop by and see how the work was coming along, and was surprised to find that there were a whole bunch of people there, but no one was working. They were all looking around for a radio. Once the radio had been found and the music was going, they all got to work. Well that seemed to just tickl...
2. a shadowy business
news from ground(hog) zero
pop culture - discussion
2.20.04 : feature column!

What were you doing February 2nd? If you’re a football fan, you were probably either mourning the Panthers defeat at their first-ever Super Bowl appearance, or reveling in the Patriots 2nd victory in just over that many years. If not...ah, who are we kidding? You spent the day talking about Janet Jackson’s breast. Meanwhile, all across North America, almost unnoticed, eclipsed by a media frenzy and national scandal, something else was poking out into the light, wiggling a bit, and then retu...
3. the space between
flying is for the birds
general - discussion
11.27.02 : feature column!

I recently traveled from my current home in Raleigh back to the beautiful countryside of upstate NY to visit my family. It was just a weekend trip, planned somewhat spontaneously to surprise my parents and siblings since I will not be seeing them at Thanksgiving this year. Naturally, my friends assumed I would be flying. In fact, several of them said, "You're flying, I assume." Most were shocked to find that I was not flying, but driving. My assurances to them that, "It's only 11 hours, and...
4. i, spy
intrepid media and my return to the dark side
humor - general
9.25.02 : feature column!

Mandarin and Tonic. Never shaken; always stirred. And the Astin Martin thing? Forget it. BMW all the way. Forget what you've seen in the movies (except maybe, for the tuxedo. Never, ever under estimate the power of a tuxedo). There's a whole lot more to the spy game than hair gel and a British accent, and I'm going to fill you in. But first, a bit of background... Even as a child, long before I acquired what is without a doubt the single coolest title at Intrepid Media, I had spy aspira...
5. bitter, party of two
looking to turn the political tables
general - criticism
8.30.02 : feature column!

This is my first, and very likely my last, political column. Which is not to say that I won't write things that stir up a hornet's nest, leave me with a divided readership, or spark heated debate. It simply means that if all goes well, I won't write another column about politics. Ever. I can't stand politics. Many people have said that they find that odd, and that if anything, they think I'd make a good politician. "You're so good at getting along with people", they say. Or better yet, "Yo...
6. a bountiful harvest
vegetables on parade
humor - lifestyle
7.24.02 : feature column!

Life in a small, rural town tends to be pretty quiet, which is just the way most people in small rural towns like it. Still, everyone needs a little bit of excitement from time to time; A reason to throw off the yoke and kick up your heels a bit. For the town of Furlington that little bit of excitement was the annual Furlington Old Home Days & Harvest Festival. Now the Harvest Festival may not seem like a big deal to city folk, but round here it's the event of the year. People come from as f...
7. mission i'mpossible
four days that shook my world
general - discussion
6.24.02 : feature column!

I went to work today. It was Monday. Seemed the appropriate thing to do. Not much had changed... same office, same employees, and relatively speaking, same job. But it wasn't the same. Something had changed in a very subtle, yet profound way. Something was different, and that something was me. Over the course of the last four days, my friends and I joined over eleven hundred people in the Washington DC AIDSRide - a 342-mile trek through the Virginia countryside from Norfolk to the nation's capi...
8. the road to rogerville
wave as you drive by
general - lifestyle
3.27.02 : feature column!

If I were to die tomorrow, I really couldn't complain. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no hurry at all. Things are going pretty well these days, and I have some very cool things to look forward to...a new romantic interest, a party weekend in Miami, and damn it, I am going to visit Jack in Australia. Some day. Soon. But when it comes right down to it, my life has been so good so far that I won't be able to complain when it ends, even if it ends a whole lot sooner than I'd like. I think a majo...
9. what am i weighting for?
and why does it hurt?
general - lifestyle
1.21.02 : feature column!

This may not be the best time for me to be writing. I'm in a pretty foul mood at the moment. On the other hand, there's not a whole lot else that I can do right now. You see, I hurt my back tonight and frankly, I'm pretty pissed off about it. Now, don't get the wrong idea; I'm not the kind of guy who gets all bent out of shape and angry about little things and I think most of the people who know me would say I'm pretty laid back. In fact, right now I'm probably not actually all that pissed ...
10. cold hands, warm heart
memories, seasoned and seasonal
general - discussion
12.21.01 : feature column!

It's almost Christmas. I know this with the clear, cold logic that comes with over thirty years of personal experience. Same day. Every year. Without fail. We're only a few days away now and as the song goes, Soon it will be Christmas Day. The problem is, it doesn't feel like Christmas. This is not for lack of trying on the part of the department stores. The decorations are up, the sales are on, and the throngs of shoppers scurry about like lemmings with attention deficit disorder as c...


re: time and a song

Terrific work. Makes me want to write something like this myself.

re: a shadowy business

Seems a little short somehow. I'm not sure where, though.

re: the space between

It's when you share your inner self and your thoughts that I love your work the most.

re: the space between

great topic and structure.

re: the space between

Very nice piece. My only complaint would be that I think the piece would be just as good without dissing air travel. The wonders of the in-between is a great concept without the need to be contrarian.

re: i, spy

Clever, Mr. Striffler, very clever.

re: i, spy

I really enjoyed the light hearted, playful, fun writing ... I laughed and I don't even know these people.

re: i, spy

Hard to relate "spy" to what he's doing on Intrepid Media. Maybe you have to be an insider.

re: i, spy

Why haven't I critiqued this before? Especially when the critique is this easy: It's awesome.

re: bitter, party of two

A well written piece on a timely subject. If only the polticians saw things as you do.

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