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1. good night, brown eyes.
i don't exist.
general - lifestyle
1.30.08 : feature column!

The days slow down, office white. Right now it feels like the sound of static anticipating its jarring release. Fluorescent light bulbs and daylight are one and the same. My eyes are weary with neon. I communicate through Post-Its and e-mail. I'm eastern, central, mountain and pacific all rolled into this mess of non sequiturs. Coffee and paperwork. Youtube chuckles, Facebook nudges. Patterns in meaningless data. I've always been terrified of signing along dotted lines. You've never been one to ...
2. kafka had it right
we're all made of riches
writing - sample
5.18.07 : feature column!

The drunkard and his spat with the moon, as he recalls Franz Kafka scenarios and makes a mental note of future bookstore purchases, oblivious to the sound of the creeping dawn behind his back. He tells her he's not afraid of her. He attempts to strip her of a name and deconstruct her and make her nothing but a glowing ball smack dab in the middle of an inkblot sky. A stain that's been corroded by the rise and fall of dawn and dusk and weary eyes staring into them. He starts to see the creeping ...
3. why my arm hurts today
or why i love booze so much.
humor - lifestyle

I faintly remember skidding across the avenue, drunk and reckless, and the bottle of vodka sliding out of my grasp. The sound of you laughing collided with the shattering glass and the spill on the dirty sidewalk. I saw headlights (or at least something just as abrasive and blinding) and I heard a car's honk (or a saxophone holding a very muffled note), with what seemed like tires screeching. Kind of like a thudded blow on my left shoulder and a slip to the ground, neon bar signs like Christmas ...
4. for what it was and what could have been.
the pains of love.
writing - sample

The one I thought was "the one" is no more. She has decided she wants to date anoter guy. At least she told me the truth. The one I thought I could spend the rest of my life with has gone away... I don't want to say it was bound to happen, but this was a long-distance relationship, and there's a huge risk involved once you get in one. I was one of the people that said that shit never worked...and for a while I contradicted myself, but it seems I was right all along... But I fucking love her ...
5. i wish i knew the meaning of my life
well, not really...
general - discussion

Isn't there a time in your life when you think that everything you have done or are doing has no meaning? To yourself, or everyone else? Or even worse, that your life has no meaning? I'm at the point that even at my young age (yeah, right) I feel like my life has no meaning. At all. I question myself for that, quite often. The worst thing is that most of the time I cannot find the answers for my questions. Because of all of the shit I have gone through, I ask what is the meaning of my existenc...


re: good night, brown eyes.

Very relateable, rhythm in the words and the senses.

re: kafka had it right

That was beautiful!

re: kafka had it right

I've had to read it a few times, because it wasn't what I thought it would be - but I really, really liked it. It was inspiring in an unplaceable way.

re: kafka had it right


re: i wish i knew the meaning of my life

This column is a lot better than your last! You make a lot of really good points and back them up. Try to avoid inviting people to question you, ("or do you think I'm just a kid who is talking out of his ass? I think I have experienced enough to express myself this way") You're right, you have. Speak with the authority you have, and don't ask people to question it. It weakens your point. Keep submitting!

re: i wish i knew the meaning of my life

Nice job of putting your thoughts down and getting things out. It's something everyone can relate to. One critique: No need to ever apologize to your audience for your thoughts.

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