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1. william wants a doll
how does a feminist mom raise her son to be the same?
general - improvement
12.10.10 : feature column!

As I turned the corner in the upscale independent toy store full of handcrafted puzzles and games well beyond my price range, an item caught my attention. It was an adorable baby doll sitting high up on the shelf, nestled in a box that touted lifelike toes and a removable diaper. The doll, dressed in a blue striped onesie with only a patch of light brown hair on a pale pink head, reminded me immediately of my son. Certainly, the pacifier attached to the baby doll’s mouth by a magnet mirrored ...
2. glee
the worst show you can't stop watching
music - criticism
10.11.10 : feature column!

Despite what the Emmy voters and popular press may tell you, Glee is not a good television show. I know; I’ve watched every episode. I am a connoisseur of TV. I appreciate and celebrate television shows as an art form. I champion the creativity and the intellect it takes to achieve a good series. I will talk to you about the brilliance of The Wire and Everwood; I will describe in great detail the perfect arcs of season one Veronica Mars and season two Buffy the Vampire Slayer; I will tell y...
3. baby without the maybe
awake in the present moment of pregnancy
general - lifestyle
7.12.10 : feature column!

I won’t be pregnant forever. This thought turns itself over in my head as I lie awake at some way too early hour, experiencing the insomnia that has been yet another symptom to add to a growing list. As the months ahead of me that have been carefully measured turn to weeks, to days, what this statement means has changed significantly, too. At first, it was a forbidden thought: I was so terrified during my first trimester, so scared that something would go wrong, that I barely allowed myself t...
4. whose concept of conception?
a mother-to-be questions the church's position
general - criticism
3.8.10 : feature column!

Dear United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, It’s not a secret that we haven’t been very close lately. We haven’t exactly seen eye to eye on a variety of issues, dating all the way back to the middle ages (for you) and the second grade (for me), when I asked why a woman priest couldn’t give me my first communion. For the first three decades of my life, I struggled to find some sort of middle ground between what you often said, and what I considered to be a purer interpretation of the te...
5. open mind, closed marriage
a case against polyamory
news - criticism
1.15.10 : feature column!

When I was home in Boston for the holidays, I spent time with my friends who are raising young daughters. I watched one three-year-old burst into tears at the prospect of sharing her favorite Christmas toy with another little girl; when she finally, reluctantly, did so, one of the moms gave her a sympathetic hug and said to her, "Sharing is the hardest thing to do." It's a lesson we all learn early on, but sometimes, there are things that should not be shared. Like a marriage. The next mornin...
6. what a difference a decade makes
general - lifestyle
12.11.09 : feature column!

A lot can change in a decade. As this one draws to a close, it's impossible for me not to look back at the last ten years and consider where we were when we started this millennium mired in Y2K fears, terrified that computers wouldn't be able to handle the switch from our short-sighted two-digit shorthand and consider a world beyond the 19-something-somethings. Two years later, we were dealing with a different type of fear, one that to most of us, felt much more real than the theoretical sc...
7. winning isn't everything
but it's so much better than losing
sports - appreciation
10.12.09 : feature column!

It’s over. Is it over? It could be over. It’s been almost decade. Quite a decade. Six titles between 2002 and 2009, and suddenly, the world has changed. Not just for me, who began it as a consummate obsessive Boston sports fan, and is ending it as exactly that, describing myself with the same basic terms. But it’s different. It means something completely different. For me, for my hometown, for the fans of Boston teams, and, perhaps most drastically, for those of you outside Boston, looking in i...
8. ticket to ride
how ticket pricing trends are hurting fans
sports - criticism
9.9.09 : feature column!

It’s a gorgeous Labor Day weekend, and the weather is pitch perfect. The famous humidity that usually characterizes this time of year has been all but absent from the weather forecast, and there’s a light breeze that makes the low 80s temperatures ideal for soaking up a ballgame. But there’s practically no one in Camden Yards today, despite a mid-afternoon matchup between the Orioles and the Wild-Card chasing Texas Rangers. Every time the camera pans back, the screen is filled with green empt...
9. required summer reading
solving the joys of the detective novel
writing - lifestyle
8.10.09 : feature column!

Summer has always been the best time for reading. Perhaps because I've spent almost my entire life on a semester schedule, the months of May through August have been the ones in which books I read for pleasure take a top priority over the ones that I have to read. Asking me what genre of books I prefer is pretty much like asking me what type of fiction I write: both questions are met with an uncomfortable silence, some verbal hedging, and then usually the words "literary, but not too literar...
10. welcome to hollywoodn't
the unreal summer of sanford and sarah
general - criticism
7.8.09 : feature column!

For a brief moment before The Summer of Gosselin took a sharp right turn into The Summer of Dead Celebrities, we detoured into The Summer of Unstable Republican Governors. Members of the Grand Old Party have become a dying breed: not quite irrelevant on the national political scene, but certainly approaching it. Which means that in 2-4 years, the conservatives will be in a prime position to capitalize on whatever drama and despair ails our country circa 2011. So really, all that the young, ch...


re: william wants a doll

Great question, and great response -- still figuring it out as you go along, as we all do, but I appreciate how thoughtful and honest you are about it.

re: baby without the maybe

Wow. Just lovely.

re: baby without the maybe


re: baby without the maybe


re: whose concept of conception?

There are lots of other things you should question about the RC Church.

re: open mind, closed marriage

Thoughtful and challenging--walking towards oncoming traffic and I'm walking with you!

re: winning isn't everything

The nice thing about a bad season is there's always next year. The bad thing about a winning season is there's always next year.

re: welcome to hollywoodn't

Good work.

re: my mother's daughter

A beautiful tribute.

re: my mother's daughter

Simply gorgeous, and lovely, and warm, and wonderful.

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