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1. an education to di for
pop culture - appreciation
7.31.09 : feature column!

It is a source of great pain and embarrassment to many of us when we confront the current state of public education. When every 26 seconds a child drops out of high school, leaving us with many a wayward Mary or Jonathan, swift action must be taken for it may be said that a great iniquity befalls us all and that even the most savage and inhuman breast is moved to doleful contemplation. As to my own part, having turned my thoughts for many years upon this important subject, and maturely weighed ...
2. there's no practice like best practice
making sense of the research, recommendations, and rhetoric of professional teaching
general - criticism

The Sound of Silence When I first started doing professional development workshops in schools, I always opened them up the same way: "So what kinds of things are you doing now?" And I always got the same reply: silence. If it isn't polite to ask a group of dinner guests about their religion, it's even worse to ask a group of teachers about their teaching. So, as it turned out, the first lesson about best practice was mine to learn, and I hope I've learned it well: I now start all my workshops b...
3. the rest of the story
what the media misses in its coverage of education reform
general - criticism

This is the text of a speech I gave at the National Press Club on August 6, 2001. I was one of several winners that night for the Newspaper Association of America's annual "Innovation in Education" award. I received the award for "The Effective Learning Series," a thrice-weekly education column I wrote for The Seattle Times as part of their "Newspapers in Education" program. .............................. Standing here at the National Press Club, addressing a group of top educators and journal...
4. besting the testing without over-investing
developing a practical and powerful perspective on the most divisive issue we face in education toda
general - criticism

As another school year begins, and I survey my clients around the country with regard to testing, the results are pretty much the same as they were last year: teachers and students are down in the dumps, parents and pols are up in arms. Only one thing seems certain: if you have a pulse, you have an opinion about testing in schools. And while the discussion seems desultory if not daunting, at least people are talking about results, a subject we seem to have studied cursorily at best — and respond...


re: an education to di for

If only!!!!!

re: an education to di for

I was actually editing this for the 2009 Media Collection, and had to drop a comment. I had to read it through three times to make sure I didn't miss anything, because I was far too caught up in what I was reading. Kudos on an entertaining and yet still thought provoking piece.

And watch for missing apostrophes. :)

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