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1. jewelry-making with jiminy cricket
an ethical conundrum
news - career

Many years ago, I got into a disagreement on a public newsgroup. I will now admit that the argument began mainly because I was feeling contrary and the guy's attitude just rubbed me the wrong way, but as the argument went on (and on and on and ON, as things with me are wont to do) I became genuinely committed to my position. In brief: he owned a factory in rural China that produced millefiore polymer clay beads. I also make millefiore polymer clay beads. He employed 60 former farmers who produce...
2. life goes on
far too quickly
general - lifestyle

Time is just moving too damn fast. It's been two weeks since my Mother died. Two weeks. I have this feeling that I am moving away from her too fast. I know that she moved away from me, from this world, too fast. We were looking through photographs taken over a 61-year lifetime. Mom as a tiny baby, all big scared eyes under a lace bonnet brim. As a toddler, holding hands with her twin brother. As a young girl, twirling in a little sundress on the grass, a smile as big as can be on her face. Col...
3. vegging out
an experiment in meatlessness
general - lifestyle
3.3.06 : feature column!

There are any number of reasons a person might choose to go vegetarian. Some people do it for health reasons; some have religious convictions; others have ethical issues about eating animals. Me? I was just bored and decided I needed a challenge. While I am a fairly good cook, I was tired of making the same things over and over again. My husband thought that it might be a good way for him to lose weight. We both agreed that it might inspire our teenaged daughter to eat less junk food. Given tha...
4. voices in the dark
a new twist on an old favorite
music - general
11.23.05 : feature column!

When you think of a cappella music, there are certain things that come to mind readily: barbershop quartets, the do-it-yourself Messiah, street corner doo-wop. It’s fairly unlikely that the first thought to come to your mind would be Pink Floyd. Nevertheless, Jon Krivitzky thinks it’s a great match. Krivitzky has taken Pink Floyd’s groundbreaking 1973 album, Dark Side of The Moon, and arranged it for a cappella performance. With the help of producer and vocal percussionist Freddie Feldman and s...
5. love letters
before it's too late
general - lifestyle

On a snowy Christmas Eve five years ago, a friend of mine stopped by the house to see me. She and I were in and out of one another’s homes quite frequently; our daughters were best friends, and we did a lot of work together on school committees and Girl Scouts. She was on her way to her parents’ house for dinner and wanted to drop off a Christmas gift. We chatted in the front hallway for a few minutes. Then, out of the blue, she grabbed me in a fierce bearhug and said, “I want you to know that ...
6. let go
writing - sample

Shut up and give me your mouth Fresh and sweet as wine Lay your hands on me Tremble under mine Let go (speak to me) Let go (touch me) Let go (let me) Give me the salt of your skin Let me taste your fire Lie down beneath me Yield to my desire Let go (speak to me) Let go (touch me) Let go (let me) Give your lust over to me Open wide your eyes Watch me take you down Let me hear your cries Let go (speak to me) Let go (touch me) Let go (come ...
7. empty boy
writing - sample

Not so much enigma as imago. Cry mercy, lady, for he offers naught Water on glass, transmission glissando Scratch the surface and find only surface His mirth is in his mouth, his eye uncaught Crystal blue reflects nothing His need is just a noise. ...
8. shuffling through time and space, part two
the soundtrack of my life, continued
music - lifestyle

I have lots of bad memories. You can’t get through forty years of living without acquiring some, and a dysfunctional family and some really bad choices on my part have left me with more than my fair share in the tears and regrets department. The odd thing is, I don’t seem to associate any of those bad memories with music. There are plenty of songs that make me cry. A sad or sentimental song will wring the last teardrop out of me in three minutes flat. But there are no unhappy memories in the mu...
9. shuffling through time and space
the soundtrack of my life, part one
music - lifestyle
8.12.05 : feature column!

In a life filled with twists and turns, music has been the one constant. No matter where I am or what I am doing, music has the ability to pick me up and put me somewhere else. I’ve become very fond of my computer’s Media Player, and have loaded over 4000 songs (and that’s not counting Christmas music). Almost every song in that collection is attached to a memory. I’m particularly fond of the shuffle feature on my media player. It’s much like hopping into the WayBack Machine with Mr. Peabody an...
10. men are losers
in the battle of the sexes
general - lifestyle
7.22.05 : feature column!

If they can send a man to the moon, why can’t they send them ALL? Men are PIGS. I don’t expect you to understand; you’re a MAN. Men are only after one thing. YOU know what I mean. Ah yes, the hapless, hopeless, human male. Unable to match socks, close a toilet lid, wash a glass. They communicate in a series of unintelligible grunts interspersed with belches and farts. They’re obsessed with tits, sports and remote controls. They’re hairy, smelly and obnoxious. Why do we even keep them aroun...


re: jewelry-making with jiminy cricket

Very enlightening.

re: vegging out

i liked the approach. not preachy or overly pretty.

re: life goes on

Juli, That is the best tribute you could give to your mother. Very touching and really moved me. Makes me want to call my mother..Thx

re: vegging out

It's always good to get reinforcement from (more or less) "normal" people!

re: let go

I find the last stanza just a touch confusing in the construction in the 2nd and 4th stanza you maintain a ABACAD format while in the last you goto an ABACAE...of course there is no set rule in poetry that says you cannot do this and the format is a bit reminicent of Shakespere. Overall well done love.

re: empty boy

I really like this one. You've captured a moment and yet something that goes beyond a moment as well. The only critisim I can give you is I think you could have physically structured the poem to give it a greater depth.

re: shuffling through time and space

This is beautiful. Insightful. Moving.

re: men are losers

We still only earn seventy-five cents for every dollar they earn.

re: men are losers

Huzzah for Juli, you are most certainly a "virtuoso of life"

re: men are losers

GREAT job, and not just because I was sympathetic to the content.

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