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1. everybody poops
general - improvement
9.4.12 : feature column!

First of all, I want to preface this column with the statement "I don't mean to have my mind in the gutter." I really don't. But pooping is almost always on my mind, so now I'm going to write about it. If that makes you uncomfortable, then you should probably click away. If you're fine with dishing the dirty details, then read on. When I was 20, I would have been completely ashamed to talk about pooping. I would have denied ever having done such a thing. If I stayed over at my boyfriend's ho...
2. you are on your own heroes journey
how does your protagonist find his faith?
pop culture - lifestyle
6.18.12 : feature column!

As an avid reader, I tend to develop love for certain genres, certain books, certain characters, certain details. About once a year I read books by my favourite authors, and I don't feel like I've completed a year properly without reading all of my favourites. Fortunately, the urge to reread those books I hold dear tends to wax and wane along with the seasons or my moods. There's always a reason to read something you love. A lot of the books I read over and over again are, in a way, theologic...
3. you are the co-creator of your universe
so start paying attention to what you're manifesting
general - lifestyle
5.21.12 : feature column!

Recently I was in Vancouver and it seems that area of the country hasn't gotten the message that it's Officially Spring. It was quite chilly out, so while I was visiting with one friend before rushing off to meet another friend for coffee and general nonsense around the city, I asked to borrow something to keep me warm. “Of course!” my friend said, proffering a selection of scarves (all shades of purple, so it was mostly a choice of warmth level). Selecting the brightest purple one, I gather...
4. it may be petty
but it's nice to be pretty
pop culture - discussion
4.18.12 : feature column!

What person on earth doesn't enjoy being considered attractive to those around them? It's why the makeup industry continues to sell $XX billions of dollars worth of products every year. It's why there's a men's line from nearly every major skin care brand currently available. It's why clothes are made in various sizes and colors and why high heels even exist. Cosmetic surgery is available in just about any form you can possibly imagine, and then some you haven't even thought of – heard of a Knee...
5. are you charming or tedious?
it depends, how much time do you have?
general - lifestyle
3.26.12 : feature column!

A man I consider my spiritual and personal mentor once ruminated, lingering over a beer, that people are either Charming or Tedious. I believe it was from a quote by Oscar Wilde, but it evolved into a way to separate those you wanted to spend time with from those you didn't want to waste time on. Those people we find charming are people we enjoy being around, who entertain us or inspire us. They are the individuals we gravitate toward, who we make time to share our life with, who we cancel oth...
6. you weren't born in two pieces
why are you still looking for your other half?
pop culture - lifestyle
2.24.12 : feature column!

It's a social construct, this idea that we aren't complete until we are part of a couple. It is an ancient concept, depending on the literature you read. When prehistoric humans were part of hunter-gatherer tribes, grouping together enabled each person to contribute their strengths and shore up their weaknesses as part of a cohesive and survival-oriented group. It wasn't until humans started living in agricultural societies, raising domesticated animals and farming, that there were recorded male...
7. i am really good at being shocking
but shockingly bad at just being
pop culture - lifestyle
1.23.12 : feature column!

So I'm a girl, right? Right. As a female, there's a general understanding that we don't require pick up lines to meet men or get a date. The joke is something like all you have to do is say “Hi.” While this may be accurate to a very large degree, I wouldn't say this is totally true. Friends of mine say that's not the case at all, but some of those people have spent an evening with me at bars near Times Square during Fleet Week, shooting fish in a barrel. I mean, flirting with military boy...
8. customer service and social media
how @boingo did it right
general - business
12.21.11 : feature column!

Customer service (or the lack of it) makes us all angry at some point or another. Social media makes it easier then ever before to have your voice heard, but how many companies are using social media to really interact with their customers? I have been angry for a while now. Not a Super Pissed Off and Going To Shout About It kind of angry. Just a slow simmering crankiness that peaks once a month and then returns to being out of sight and (mostly) out of mind. Since I'm a high-time fligh...
9. should have, would have, could have
how to set and reach goals
pop culture - discussion
11.21.11 : feature column!

“Should have, Would have, Could have.” It’s a phrase tossed out when your dad has nothing better to say and you’ve been whining at him about something in life not going your way. Your dad has the perspective of time and distance. Whatever you’re whining about is probably something he has already dealt with and moved on from. You, on the other hand, are frustrated and irritated because whatever it is you’re whining about is fresh, recent and intensely personal. You would have bought stock in...
10. trust your own judgment
but ask questions, and listen to the answers
general - lifestyle
10.24.11 : feature column!

"Your number is four, right now," the psychic says to me. I nod as if I know what she's talking about. I want this small, calm woman to continue speaking, but I'm not sure if she needs verbal feedback of my understanding. She doesn't. "In four months, you will experience a shocking turnover in your life. An upheaval." "Four months?" I scribble on my piece of paper, leaving out vowels in my haste to record this important statement. Having never excelled at taking notes in school, I forg...


re: it may be petty

Just excellent.

re: trust your own judgment

I really liked that. Good luck on the next 4 years.

re: dating is different these days

Good luck!

re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.

Writing about the economy is hard. You nailed it.

re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.


re: me-conomics part 1: poor, poor you.

You hit this out of the park. It's timely and accessible. Most of all, sharply spot-on.

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

That was really good. Probably the best thing you've written (at least that I've read).

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

Flipping brilliant. I don't think anyone else could have written this.

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

You really nailed it...that is why we all do..IT !!!we all need the fantasy...so don't blame those married guys too much..their wives are doing it ...too !!(smile)

re: what happens when you go to bed with gilda

I don't like Real Life on its own either. Nicely done!

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